The EBOX Electric Bike

The EBox electric bike offers riders several advantages, including eco-friendliness, reduced maintenance requirements, cost savings, and adjustable settings that suit riders of varying skill levels for thrilling off-road experiences.

With its impressive acceleration and top speed, riders can experience thrilling rides through challenging terrain. Additionally, its advanced suspension system ensures a pleasant riding experience.


The EBox electric bike represents an innovative breakthrough in off-road riding technology, providing riders with both performance and eco-friendliness in one package. Featuring a powerful electric motor, lightweight design, long-lasting battery, and advanced suspension system, they offer riders an unforgettable off-road experience. Capable of conquering diverse off-road terrains and suitable for riders of all skill levels – it can even take on mountainous terrain!

The E-Box 2.0 comes equipped with a high-performance electric motor that delivers impressive acceleration and top speed. Its lightweight design enhances maneuverability and agility for riders to navigate challenging obstacles with confidence and control, and its advanced suspension system absorbs shocks and bumps effectively for a comfortable ride experience. Furthermore, adjustable settings enable riders to tailor their riding experience according to individual preferences or skill levels.

E-Box 2.0 pit bikes produce no emissions during operation, helping create a greener environment. Their electric motor operates quietly to minimize noise pollution for a more pleasant riding experience.

E-Box 2.0 not only boasts outstanding performance but is packed with features designed to increase rider safety and comfort as well. For instance, responsive disc brakes deliver mighty stopping power. Furthermore, its durable frame features quality components designed to withstand wear and tear, plus additional safety measures that help minimize accidents during off-road rides.

The E-Box is an affordable electric bike designed to handle challenging terrains. Featuring a powerful motor and long-life battery, its adjustable settings enable users to tailor the riding experience according to individual needs, such as off-road use or customizing their riding experience to their preference. Furthermore, its suspension and braking systems offer premium performance, while its battery can be charged within five or six hours – perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping trips. Plus, its 30-day parts-only warranty ensures it can always be stored away easily when not in use – making this an essential companion when camping or other adventures take place!


The EBOX 2.0 is our ultimate off-road motocross electric bike, designed by our engineers and designers for optimal off-road motocross racing experience. Lightweight yet powerful, it outshines any other sub-PS3000 14/12″ bikes available on the market today. Equipped with a 2 kW lithium battery/brushless motor combination and extended forks and swingarm for enhanced maneuverability, top speed acceleration can be customized as per rider need, and CE and UKCA compliance ensures it caters to entry-level riders from six years plus.

EBOX can pull wheelies with ease off of a 90 kg adult rider and can reach 33 mph, which is more than enough for track use. Power can be adjusted between half power for novice riders and complete control for experienced ones – ideal for track use! Other features of note include charge level indicators, lightweight disk brakes, upside-down forks, and mono shock. All these elements make EBOX the ideal starting point for kids with dreams of becoming motocross riders; its high-quality construction and performance make it an outstanding investment; plus, its powder-coated finish looks fantastic while helping protect its frame from potential damage!


The Ebox electric bike is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an enjoyable way to explore their surroundings. Equipped with a powerful engine, rechargeable battery, and comfortable saddle – plus additional accessories to enhance the experience – this ride makes outdoor adventures effortless.

Serial 1 Cycle Company manufactures this bike, which comes with a one-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and craftsmanship. You may have additional legal rights depending on where you reside; this warranty doesn’t cover accidental neglect, abuse, or misuse damages caused by accidents, neglect, or abuse.

This bike provides the ideal starting point for young riders wanting to experience motocross racing or love going fast. Equipped with a powerful 1.6Kw Lithium battery and brushless motor combination that can be set according to rider preference, its use lasts for an hour of full power settings at complete throttle power levels while complying with CE and UKCA testing standards.

The battery is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects for its original owner and must present proof of purchase from an authorized Serial One dealer or bike shop in order to qualify. Furthermore, you will need both your original purchase date and order number when making claims under this warranty.

Serial 1 provides a 30-day parts-only warranty on all other parts of a bicycle, excluding wear and tear or damage caused by improper maintenance, installation, or use of unapproved parts and accessories. However, any repairs done outside an authorized Serial One dealer or bicycle shop void the warranty.

Bosch eBike System components come with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of initial end consumer purchase, while their battery has one-year coverage against defects in materials or craftsmanship – this guarantee applies solely to the original owner and cannot be passed onto subsequent owners.