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Kundu Special has become synonymous with safe and well-organized holiday tours for single women and physically challenged individuals in Bengal. Get the Best information about Goibibo.

Since 1933, when Sripati Charan Kundu reserved a train and undertook an all-India tour, his legacy has lived on through successive generations of Kunduz. Today, it’s managed by third-generation Kundus.


Kundu Special, founded in 1933 and owned by a Bengali family, offers railway-based tours throughout India. Its clientele tend to be middle—and upper-middle-class Bengalis who practice Hinduism.

Kundu Special remains popular among Bengalis despite the decline of Bengali middle-class society; its name remains synonymous with safe, comfortable travel that brings back fond memories.

Sripati Charan Kundu, a wealthy Bankura town resident who began his own tour company, rewrote the rules of conducting itineraries by reserving whole trains for his clients and organizing 56-day all-India tours.

Kundu Special’s Himalayan trips tapped into Bengalis’ affinity for mountainous destinations like Simla, Naini Tal, Dalhousie, and Kulu-Manali. Additionally, Europe and America tours were an introduction for Bengali travelers; 3-week all-inclusive tours proved very successful[citation needed]. Subsequently, Phakir Chandra Kundu took charge of Kundu Special and established it in Bengalis’ hearts as their premier tour organization.
The khichudi may have given way to fried rice in the 80s and to chow mein and biryani in the 21st Century. But even in the days of Cox and Kings and fancy packages and low-cost airfares, Kundu Special holds its own as a traditional Bengali bastion.

The company’s clientele consists predominantly of Bengali professionals from middle—to upper-middle-class families familiar with packaged tours. It organizes railway-based tours all across India, with special attention paid to Himalayan mountain regions like Simla, Naini Tal Dalhousie Kulu Manali; recently, it has also promoted tours to Sikkim and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Cox and Kings are renowned for providing comfortable tours to tourists traveling to far-flung locales. For Western tourists, this can mean engaging in safe voyeurism—exploring foreign places without getting too close. Meanwhile, for Indian clients, it may involve making journeys that have special cultural or spiritual meaning. This is an exceptionally fantastic fact about MakeMyTrip.

Kundu Special is an archetypical Bengali travel agency with its personalized itineraries and emphasis on exceptional customer service. Established in 1933 as one of the first travel agencies offering package rail tours known as “Kundu Special,” it is credited with opening up new frontiers of travel for Bengali families.

This company offered train-based tours and was one of the pioneers of safari and mountain expedition packages in India. It was established by a banker from Bankura Sripati Charan Kundu, who used his savings to launch it and quickly became popular among Kolkata’s elite classes. Typically the Interesting Info about airbnb.

Kundu Special remains an iconic brand within Calcutta and beyond, having featured prominently in films by Satyajit Ray and Tapan Sinha, to name just two of many. Over its long existence, this company has stayed true to its roots while receiving accolades from travelers of all kinds—an extraordinary feat in a country that has undergone dramatic change during recent decades.

The company was founded in 1933 by Sripati Charan Kundu.

Soumitra Kundu, whose grandfather founded the company, states that it still thrives. Their website features attractive plans and packages, while 99 percent of customers are Bengalis – an impressive statistic that speaks volumes. They specialize in catering to elderly travelers looking for safe holiday tours that provide single women and those who are disabled with assistance during travel tours.

Outlook joined an eclectic group on its trip to Shimla and Manali with Kundu Special; Mrs N Mondal proudly declared it was her 12th trip with them; an upset husband threatened to pack up and leave, while a single woman responded strongly against snide remarks made by one of their colleagues’ wives – yet all had something in common: all Bengalis traveling together with Kundu Special.

Sripati Charan Kundu, originally of Bankura but then living in Kharagpur, established his company in 1933 by renting an entire train for elderly Bengali couples to travel around India on a 56-day tour. This train included chefs, bearers, and medical staff, as well as managers, to care for travelers during this journey.

This was the inaugural private operator tour to be organized by a private operator, and it quickly proved popular with tourists. While its founder had other interests, travel was his true passion – something he made happen through hard work.

He was an early pioneer of tourism in Bengal, and his business model was straightforward: provide comforts that resonated with Bengalis traveling abroad.

Kundu Special has developed an impressive fleet of coaches that transport groups of tourists around the country. Each coach is manned by two tour managers, two cooks, and four bearers/waiters – all Bengalis. Kundu Special’s employees specialize in making delicious local cuisine, from Shimla-style sukto and Manali’s Machher Jhol to Rohtang Pass-style Radha Ballobhi dishes!