How To Find The Exact Time A Video Was Uploaded?

Usually, you can see the date when a YouTube video is uploaded if you load the description box. But for uploaders, knowing the exact time might also be essential. It helps to generate precise data, which helps in the analytics and planning of further uploads. 

How can I find the exact time a video was uploaded? Although there is no direct way to view simultaneously, you can use YouTube Data Viewer to view the precise timing. The site lets you know intricate details like I.D., title, views, and time stamp information.

How To Find The Exact Time A Video Was Uploaded? Step By Step:

No matter how often you go crazy over finding a video’s exact upload time, you can only see the date or something like “uploaded 7 hours ago” on YouTube. Here are two simple ways of finding the exact upload time of a YouTube video. 

Solution 1: Use A Third-Party Website 

You can use YouTube Data Viewer, a web-based tool, to know the exact upload time of any YouTube video. This also shares other information that you might need. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: On the YouTube website, find the video you want to know the exact upload time for. Then, copy the URL of the video from your 
  • Step 2: Open your web browser or visit the YouTube Data Viewer website. Any search engine will allow you to visit the website. 
  • Step 3: Now paste the copied U.R.L. in the search bar of the YouTube Data Viewer.
  • Step 4: To search for video data, usually click the “Submit” and “Search” button on the website

Now, you will get the exact upload date and time, including other details like views, counts, comments, and monetization status. One thing that you need to do is to convert the time into your timezone so you know when it was uploaded according to your timezone. 

Solution 2: Use An Extension

If you don’t want to use any third-party website, you can use a Chrome extension of YouTube that lets you know when a video was uploaded. To do so, you need to download the YouTube upload time extension that you can find on Google. 

Using this extension, you can get information like the upload time, date, and other data that might be useful. You can click on the wing while watching a video to know when the video was posted. As the extension uses Google’s API, the data is mostly accurate.

Solution 3: Use Google’s Search Tool

Although it might not give you the precise time, you can still view the time when a video was posted using Google’s advanced search tool. This is the filter tool to use while searching for a video. 

To do so, you need to click on the filters button that you will find at the top of the interface after searching for something on YouTube. Then, you need to set the time filters like last hour, today, this week, this month, or this year. The result will be displayed according to the filter you specified.

Why YouTube Doesn’t Share When A Video Was Uploaded?

There are some valid reasons why you can’t see when a video was uploaded precisely. Now, you might be wondering what worse can happen through this when every other piece of information is viewable. Well, there are some things, and here we go:

Avoiding Data Manipulation:

People always choose the easier way to get noticed. Thus, if a video gets popular, leaving the exact upload time unveiled keeps the risk open of using the data for abuse.

People can use the exact upload times to manipulate the perception of video popularity. For instance, some users may use the opportunity to re-upload an already popular video, trying to make it appear newer, undermining the original creators’ credibility.

Seamless User Experience:

YouTube already has many tabs for different purposes. The exact time of upload won’t help a user directly, so they use a relative time frame (“hours ago” or “days ago”), which is easy for users to understand. 

Smaller Area:

YouTube has introduced buttons like view count and like and dislike alongside additional features with time. If they include another control for the precise upload, the interface will look too crowded for the small area. 

As a result, it’s best to refrain from showing such elaborate details in any video to enhance its usability. 

Small Monitor:

Even if you can view the relative time frame, small monitor users can’t see that either. Their monitors don’t have enough space to hold that much information.

So, let alone the exact time, you might need a bigger monitor to your rescue if you can’t even view the relative time frame. 

Data Management:

YouTube stores and processes a tremendous amount of video content every minute, so displaying the exact upload time for each video would require a lot of data storage and server resources. 

YouTube can more effectively manage server load and data storage, ensuring smooth operations using relative time frames.

How Can Knowing The Exact Upload Time Help You?

Although you can’t view the exact upload time from YouTube directly, knowing if you are a creator might be essential. Here are some ways it can help you:

  • Content Verification: There are several news channels on YouTube. Thus, the exact time can help journalists, researchers, or fact-checkers to double-check the information and its authenticity. Besides, it can also help to create new content by knowing the timing and aiding in accurate analysis.
  • Knowing Time-sensitive News: As we said before, many news channels are on YouTube. The exact upload time can help understand the context and relevance if the content is time-sensitive.
  • Engagement Tracking: Content creators can get a big help through it if they know the exact time of uploading a video. This lets them know about insights like initial engagement, which helps further uploads. 
  • Handling Copyright Matters: This is a good point of considering the exact upload time. Knowing the precise time of uploading a video lets content creators track and identify unauthorized copies of their videos. Regarding copyright issues, owners can claim their videos if they can showcase that the pirated content has been uploaded after publishing their original one.
  • Following Trends: Content creators can use the data of when a video is being published to catch the trend and engagement. Thus, they can also find other creators who are on the same page, which increases the likelihood of networking or collaborating.

Further To Explore: 

Which time is best for a YouTube video upload?

The best time to upload a YouTube video depends on your target audience’s timezone and viewing habits. Consider uploading during peak hours or when your audience is most active. You will get this data from your video’s insights.

Can you check your YouTube hours?

No, regular users cannot check YouTube hours for other channels. YouTube hours, also known as “watch time,” are private analytics accessible only to the owners of the respective YouTube channels. 

Does YouTube have timestamps?

Yes, YouTube has timestamps in video descriptions or comments. Creators and viewers can use timestamps to link to specific moments in a video.

What is the time stamp feature on YouTube?

The time stamp feature allows creators or viewers to provide clickable links to specific moments in a video. This will take you to the exact duration of the video when you click on the link.

Why is the timestamp not showing on YouTube?

If timestamps aren’t showing on YouTube, it may be due to the creator not providing them in the description or comments. Also, specific short videos don’t have any timestamps included. Moreover, if your application is updated, you can use this feature.


Knowing when a video was uploaded can be beneficial in many ways. But people can also abuse the feature. That’s why YouTube has yet to introduce the feature officially. Thus, you can use our tips to know your precise content timing.

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