How to Check Mb in NTC

NTC is one of the premier telecom service providers in Nepal. To check your remaining data volume with them, there are two methods available – USSD code or the NT app.

To check your data, there are various options available to you – USSD code, SMS text message, or the NTC app are just a few methods you could use. Furthermore, a self-care website from NTC may also help.

Dial *1415*55#

As an NTC user, you must monitor your data volume regularly to avoid running out during travel or while using data-hungry applications like streaming and social media. To watch this usage, you can access NTC’s self-care website or SMS service; alternatively, they offer a free mobile app that works across Android and iOS devices.

NTC recently unveiled a data plan designed for both prepaid and postpaid customers of both types: it provides them with one GB of full-speed data every month for three months before it gradually reduces to 256kbps – making this an attractive offer for travelers who regularly need to stay in contact with friends and family abroad.

NTC also introduced a voice roaming pack, enabling its prepaid users to call overseas at an unbeatably affordable rate of Rs 30/minute. It is currently available in India and China, and plans for expansion to 13 more destinations over time. Furthermore, an all-time data package starting at run 10MB was made available as well.

To purchase a data pack on your NTC SIM card, dial *1415*55#. Once complete, an SMS with subscription details and validity will be sent directly to you. This method provides an easy and efficient way to monitor data consumption.

If you own an NTC CDMA prepaid SIM card, you can quickly check your data by sending an SMS with “VL” to 1415 and receiving an update on both the remaining balance and the validity of data usage. This method works on both GSM prepaid SIMs and CDMA sims from NTC.

NTC provides many different kinds of data packs suitable for various periods, making travel simpler with more data to spare. If you require more significant amounts, NTC has several combo packs you may wish to choose from when abroad. To find out more, browse their website; monitoring data usage has never been more straightforward with USSD code monitoring, SMS messages, and their NT App available as convenient tools.

NTC app

If you own an NTC data pack, you must stay aware of how much data remains on your SIM card. Knowing this will allow you to avoid overspending on data while also conserving any remaining balance for later use. You can view your remaining data via different means – for instance, the NTC app, self-care website, and SMS, which are great ways of checking your remaining balance. Ding also offers instant recharge services where recharges arrive within seconds so that you can track them at any time!

If you are new to NTC, downloading their app and entering your details is the perfect way to register your number, manage your data usage, and purchase packages. Furthermore, when approaching its expiration date, the NTC app will send notifications regarding how much data remains.

No matter if you are on a prepaid or postpaid NTC GSM Namaste SIM, using the NTC App is straightforward and user-friendly. Open up your messaging application on your phone, type VL in the message box, send to 1415, and receive an SMS with your internet data and expiration date. Similarly, this method works for NTC CDMA Sky numbers as well.

There are multiple methods of monitoring your NTC data volume, including using either the NT app or the USSD code. While using an app is generally easier than SMS methods, an active Internet connection must still exist for optimal use of both approaches.

To check your NTC data in the NTC app, log into your account and click on “Usage.” Here, you’ll find details about how much data has been consumed thus far and how much remains. Additionally, select which plan type you would like to purchase for more details and pricing information.

NTC provides an array of plans and services, including mobile data. This is an attractive choice for those on a tight budget or seeking to manage their data consumption effectively. A USSD code or SMS message can be used to check on your usage; alternatively, use the NT app to get more information on NTC’s available data packages – making sure you find a deal!