Giant Boulder Bike Review

Giant’s entry-level leisure trail bike, the Boulder, is affordably priced and perfect for beginners. It features lightweight aluminum frame construction with a suspension fork to provide a smooth ride on beginner trails and both name-brand and house-brand components, making this bike an excellent value buy for recreational riders.

Both the Boulder 1 and Boulder 2 feature double-wall alloy rims with Shimano drivetrains and Tektro V-brakes for optimal performance.


Giant’s Boulder bike offers beginner riders a fully functional mountain bike at an attractive price point. Equipped with a suspension fork and lightweight aluminum ALUXX frame suitable for mountain riding, this model also comes equipped with a Shimano Acera derailleur and seven speeds – though these differences vary between Boulder 1 and Boulder 2, both provide comfortable rides that make an excellent entryway into mountain biking.

Giant’s Boulder entry-level leisure trail bike is an excellent choice for beginning riders. With its SR XCM fork providing smooth suspension for all terrains and lightweight aluminum frame making for an easy ride, The Boulder is also easily upgradeable and expandable as your experience grows.

The Boulder’s frame is constructed of chromoly, steel, and aluminum; its geometry was designed to strike a balance between efficiency and stability on rough roads and trails. This bike features 26″x1.9″ Center Ridge all-terrain tires equipped with aluminum linear-pull lever braking systems as well as a Fi’zi:k Antares R7 saddle and Giant Contact SLR 760mm handlebar; it weighs around 30 pounds and comes in several sizes with a dropper for an aggressive ride. At retail, it costs $999 with 1-year warranty coverage included in all models!


Giant boulder bikes’ suspension fork is an integral component of their ride quality, needing to be both stiff and flexible enough for comfortable handling across any terrain. Tuning it properly to achieve optimal riding experience may prove challenging at first. However, some resources can assist with finding the appropriate fork for your bicycle.

Giant offers an expansive mountain bike selection, spanning from their top enduro racing model Reign to their budget-conscious Talon hardtail. Each bike comes with multiple wheel size choices and either aluminum or carbon frames; plus, there are even suspension travel models designed to meet riders of all abilities.

Giant’s Boulder mountain bike is an excellent entry-level option for new riders looking to experience mountain biking without spending too much money. It features a lightweight aluminum frame with a smooth suspension fork, making it easy to maneuver even on steep trails, a reliable drivetrain, and Shimano dual-action brake levers that double as shifters, making this an excellent entry-level mountain bike for adults or teens looking to start biking for themselves.


Giant boulder bikes feature seatposts made of durable aluminum alloy for an enjoyable riding experience, providing smooth transitions. This feature is precious to recreational riders as it can make the difference between an enjoyable leisurely ride and an exhausting workout. Furthermore, selecting an ideal seatpost for the frame of your bicycle requires using either a vernier caliper or dial indicator to measure tubing diameter or an inexpensive DIY shim available at hardware stores.

Giant has long been one of the premier road cycling manufacturers. Their bikes have won many races and championships over time, one standout model being their carbon Contact SLR TCR race bike, which combines optimal aerodynamics with ultralightweight construction for ultimate race performance. Many top cyclists – such as Tom Dumoulin, who won the pink jersey in the 2017 Giro d’Italia Race; Warren Barguil, who took home the polka-dot jersey at the Tour de France Race 2017 have chosen it.

Giant’s Boulder 1 and 2 bikes are an excellent value for new trail riders looking for their first bike. Both models provide ample room for upgrades while still offering comfortable riding experiences without needing additional accessories. Both sizes come in an assortment of sizes with minor differences between them, such as single-wall alloy rims on the Boulder 1, while its double-walled counterpart has double-wall alloy rims on its frame.


Giant boulder bike brakes provide great stopping power for light and heavy riding alike. Still, they could benefit even further with additional modulation – something many cable-actuated brakes struggle with. Still, there’s no reason they shouldn’t offer greater control over how much force is applied through levers.

Giant’s Boulder 1 and Boulder 2 recreational off-road mountain bikes are two of the most sought-after recreational mountain bikes for recreational off-road riding, making a great value proposition for novice riders looking for adventure on rough trails. Additionally, both bikes feature comfortable suspension forks with lightweight frames for a smooth pedaling experience.

Both models of the Boulder 1 and 2 come equipped with superior brakes as well as a Shimano drivetrain with Praxis Cadet crankset, front suspension fork, Giant finishing kit, and sizes that range from extra small to large.

The Trance X 1 model is Giant’s top-of-the-range bike. Featuring a lightweight ALUXX SL aluminum frame with Giant’s own Crest 34 LOR DS fork and Fox Float DPS Performance shock, plus a Shimano Deore groupset equipped with Tektro Orion brakes and Praxis Cadet crankset for drivetrain, it comes complete with Giant XC wheels and Giant tires; Giant Sole-O handlebar stem and saddle completes its unique black/smoke colorway.


Giant’s Boulder 1 and 2 entry-level bikes provide an economical starting point for riders just starting in trail riding, equipped with essential features that can easily be upgraded later by adding accessories. Perfect for beginning mountain bikers as these bikes provide comfortable riding experiences and easy handling, Giant Boulder bikes provide ideal bikes to get into mountain biking!

At an impressively reasonable price point, these models are both fast and well-constructed – ideal for beginners or experienced mountain bikers looking for something different in terms of riding style. Each ALUXX frame features either chromoly steel or aluminum construction as well as an ALUXX suspension fork with 2.5-100in travel – not forgetting Mix or Shimano drivetrain options and Tektro brakes to complete the package.

Giant’s Trance Advanced Pro 29 2 stands apart from its competitors by using ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum to craft it, with Marzocchi Z2 forks and Fox Float DPS Performance shocks as part of its components, along with entire Shimano Deore drivetrain, Tektro brakes, Praxis Cadet crankset with 30t chainring and Giant AM 29 wheels featuring sealed bearing hubs.

The X 29 model is at the pinnacle of our range, boasting an updated Maestro suspension system with 120mm rear travel and 130mm of front travel, along with AXS Rocker Paddle shifters for easy shifting and wide gear range. Furthermore, this bike comes complete with SRAM’s XO eDrive cassette, SRAM XTR Rocker Paddle brake levers, and crankset.


Giant’s Boulder line provides new riders with an adaptable and comfortable bike at an attractive price point. It features a suspension fork and lightweight frame design, as well as a wide gearing range to tackle any terrain with ease.

This bike’s frame is constructed from aluminum ALUXX and weighs just under 30 pounds. It features a chromoly fork with Shimano derailleurs and EZ-Fire shifters, as well as V-brakes with a quick-release seatpost.

Giant’s Boulder 1 and Boulder 2 bikes both feature Giant alloy rims; however, only the former boasts double-walled rims, while single-wall versions exist on both models; this distinction may be significant to some buyers since double-walled boundaries may theoretically provide more substantial support. Both bikes also come standard with Kenda tires in different sizes for your riding convenience.

Giant’s 2022 Trance Advanced Pro 29 0 mountain bike boasts 120mm of rear travel and 140mm of front travel, featuring Giant’s Maestro suspension system for optimal pedaling efficiency and rider-friendliness. Its re-engineered composite frame uses Giant’s Maestro suspension system for maximum pedaling efficiency, while its 64-degree head angle and short offset fork ensure high-speed stability and control on any trail surface; plus, its lightweight frame design provides ample comfort during high-speed maneuvers or climbs. Giant designed it so its geometry makes the new Trance Advanced Pro 29 0.