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Add artistic frame designs that stand out in your photos and grab people’s attention. Choose frames resembling polaroids, film reels, and classic solid structures, and find inspiration to tell the story behind your image.

Changes made to one frame propagate to all subsequent frames – this feature can be beneficial when creating animation.

Search 350,000+ Frames

Our frame collection boasts commercials, music videos, and movies from commercials to music videos and films. To narrow your search using filmmaking-specific filters like aspect ratio, saturation contrast temperature shot type, time of day, etc… and style, we also allow you to search. Want a frame by William Eggleston that feels just right? No problem. Our collection is here!

Search our vast collection of reference frames to easily create your storyboard, treatment, or shot list with more than 116,454 commercial frames from 6,474 commercials plus thousands of music video and movie frames at your disposal.

Finding the ideal frames can be tricky, so we have introduced an advanced search feature that lets you search by color. This makes creating mood boards faster and simpler than ever – whether searching by primary/secondary color or specific hex code, color search will quickly help you locate what you’re searching for.

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Frames effectively display multiple HTML documents on one Web page, using at least four files: frameset and the documents displayed within each frame. Unlike websites that utilize CSS, which requires only one set of styles per document (website), structures require their own distinct set of classes per frameset/framed document combination.

Sites that use frames typically employ nested framesets. A nested frameset consists of one inside another, with its contents appearing as different frames on a Web page. An example of such a nested frameset would be two rows with one two-column frameset nested inside another row.

Dreamweaver allows you to edit any documents associated with a frameset in its Document window and preview how they will appear when loaded by browsers. To achieve this accurately, however, both files (frameset file and each document that will display within it) must be saved separately before being previewed simultaneously in Dreamweaver’s Live preview mode.

Each frame in a nested frameset can be identified by a border surrounding its document, enabling users to resize them by dragging. When no barrier exists, content in different frames abuts together without delineation – this is the default behavior; to display walls visually, add the border attribute to each frame element.

If you select a frame or frameset in the Frames panel or Document window, keyboard shortcuts allow quick navigation of its hierarchy. For instance, to move directly to its next or previous level, you can press Alt+Left Arrow/Alt+Right Arrow on Windows and Command+Left Arrow/Command+Right Arrow on Macintosh.

Use the Target pop-up menu to link directly to documents outside a frameset. It provides several options: _blank opens the attached document in a new browser window while leaving the current window unaltered; _parent opens it within its parent frameset with all frames being replaced on-page; while _self opens it directly within the current browser window replacing all frames present on the page.

Save Your Favorite Frames

Creating a frameset may make life easier when you want a particular style in your photos or an image project. Go to File > New > Frameset and make your selection.

Clicking the button will open a window allowing you to name, alias, and comment on your frameset. After providing these fields, your frameset will automatically be added to the composite app, or you can choose it from the drop-down list in the Application field.

After creating a frameset, you can choose your photo or video and the image format. Customization features such as background colors, text labels, and more make personalizing this frameset easy, and once completed, it can be shared via social media or downloaded onto your device for future reference.

This app has an extensive collection of photo frames that will add an artistic flourish to your images, such as polaroids, movie reels, classic solid structures, and much more. Plus, you can add shapes, textures, and more for even further customization of each photo you take!

PicFrame is another fantastic option for creating gorgeous photo frames, offering over 100 structures that support up to 16 photos or videos simultaneously. Furthermore, this photo collage maker boasts customizable background colors, patterns, round corners, shadows, shapes, and music to help create genuinely custom-looking frames.

As many of us live apart from friends and family, looking at pictures together is often the easiest way to feel close again. A digital frame provides the solution by allowing you to display photos and videos throughout your home so they’re always there when you miss them.

Share Your Favorite Frames

Digital photo frames make it easier than ever before to preserve our memories, with pictures stored safely on phones or computers. A digital frame can bring out these precious memories into the light for family and friends who may live far away to enjoy. Finding the appropriate structure may sometimes prove challenging; that’s where mobile picture frame apps come in. These free mobile apps offer customizable templates to shine your photographs – some even feature seasonal favorites to commemorate special holidays!

Sync your frame with your camera roll, iCloud, or Google Photos by selecting a source and tapping “Add Photos.” If your frame supports iOS Live Photos and uploaded videos, they will be shown side-by-side automatically, or if preferred, you can switch them out for still photos instead.

Some apps feature special editing features to assist in editing photos before sending them off the frame, such as adding colors, filters, and brightness levels to give your images a more artistic appearance. You can add text using various fonts, colors, and styles to personalize them further.

One way of making your photos even more striking and intriguing is combining multiple images into collages – ideal for social media and sharing easily! Collages allow you to tell a compelling narrative story through easily shareable photos.

Fotor, InFrame, Photo Lab, and Phonto are among the most acclaimed apps for creating frames and collages, offering an assortment of photo frames with different textures, colors, and styles to add professional touches to photos. Many also include themed frame packs to meet specific aesthetic requirements; PhotoDirector offers postcard-inspired postcard frames, while Phonto allows users to express themselves creatively using text overlays that let users express themselves using text-based compositions.