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DD Osama, known by his stage name DD Osama, is an American rapper best known for his singles such as “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s”. A member of the Notti World collective, he has collaborated with many rappers, including Sugarhill DDOT and Koi Lere.

He began his hip-hop career in 2022 and has made steady advancements throughout. Currently resides with his family and three older brothers.

DD Osama Age

DD Osama, known for his catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, has amassed millions of fans across social media. His music videos on YouTube have gone viral, as have his songs Like Without You and Dead Ops, which have attained over 10 million views each. Born in Harlem, New York, he lives with his mother as well as two half-sisters named Notti.

David Reyes originally changed to DD Osama after starting his music career in 2021. Since then, he has made an impactful mark in the rap scene, working alongside Notti Osama (younger brother). Notti and Melz Osama hail from Harlem, NY, with one being a famous rapper; three elder brothers include Notti has three elder brothers including one with musical prowess as well as Melz, who is his half-sister on her mother’s side – Melz is a half-sister on her mother’s side who can provide creative input as well.

The young rapper has made waves in New York City’s drill scene. Currently, he stands as one of the most well-known drill rappers not named Ice Spice or Sheff G and boasts an immense following on YouTube and Instagram, where his music can be shared with fans, performing sold-out shows as well.

Over the past year, he has released several singles that have reached number one on urban radio charts and proved immensely popular with audiences. Their most recently released, “Up Now,” featuring Coi Leray, is available on Apple Music and Spotify and has demonstrated an uplifting hit that has only helped gain him more followers.

DD Osama is also active on Instagram and Twitter, where he often posts pictures of himself with friends and fans, family photos, and posts about personal matters such as health. Has over one million followers on his Instagram account; he serves as an excellent role model; his passion for his craft makes him unique among other rappers; he has over a million Instagram followers!

DD Osama Height

DD Osama, an American rapper, rose to fame thanks to his music. A young and promising star with great potential ahead of him, Osama is loved by both fans and critics. Notably, his charismatic personality and dashing looks are appreciated by his audience – they especially love that his fans love him! In addition, Osama is an exceptional rapper with several hit tracks under his belt from YouTube and Spotify alone, and he also collaborates with numerous other rappers.

DD Osama is known for his exceptional rapping skills but also excels at acting and modeling. With an engaging personality and a great sense of humor, he makes conversation easy. Additionally, his optimistic outlook helps make everything better!

The young rapper has made health and fitness his top priority, attending the gym regularly and adhering to a strict diet plan to stay in shape. Additionally, he is very active on TikTok with many followers on this platform. He is currently single and focused on his career goals.

He was born on 29 November 2006 in Harlem, New York, to Crimsley Martinez and an unknown father; Ethan Reyes (previously known as Notti Osama before his untimely death in July 2022 at 14) is also an established rapper and known by this moniker.

Notti Osama’s tragic passing came as a massive shock for his family and friends, prompting DD Osama to dedicate his music in tribute to Notti’s memory, with the song E4N receiving immense public support.

DD Osama recently signed with Alamo Records, part of Sony Music, and since then has released several singles and videos to YouTube that have generated millions of views. Throw, which features fellow New York rapper Lil Mabu, has already been streamed over 36 million times on Spotify!

DD Osama boasts an impressive net worth of $1.5 Million as of 2022, earning most of his fortune through music sales, streaming royalties, and YouTube revenue. In addition, Osama is very active online, having built up large followings across Twitter and Instagram platforms as well as TikTok campaigns with various brands.

DD Osama’s Net Worth

DD Osama has become an established figure in the music industry since becoming an artist. His unique blend of drill sound with pop-culture influences is celebrated and has attracted millions of views online; his most recent single, “Party in the USA,” should do even better; his estimated net worth by 2023 stands at approximately $0.5 Million from both his music career and self-titled YouTube channel.

David Reyes, better known by his stage name DD Osama, is an American rapper from Harlem who is on the rise within the drill rap scene and has quickly garnered an extensive fanbase through his hit songs. His impressive lyrical abilities and talent have garnered primary label interest; ultimately, his goal is to become an iconic artist, and DD Osama works hard towards reaching this dream goal.

Beginning his content creation journey in 2016, this YouTuber quickly gained notoriety with humorous skits and gaming reactions that promptly earned him millions of views across social media and YouTube – not to mention merchandise sales and live performances that made significant income for him as well. In 2018, his content expanded further on YouTube, where it now enjoys great acclaim among millions of subscribers worldwide.

DD Osama has not only established himself as an accomplished musician but has also made waves in fashion. With various clothing lines of his own and collaborations with other acclaimed artists in music, he has amassed an extensive fan following on TikTok and appeared on multiple musical tracks.

He currently resides in Harlem with his mother, Crimsley Martinez, and three older siblings; although his father was absent from his life, Crimsley Martinez has always been present and supportive of her son’s development as an individual and musician. Notti, one of DD Osama’s younger brothers, has also gone on to become a successful musician in the industry.

DD Osama is an inspiring artist who has made quite an impactful statement through music since coming into the industry at an early age. Through dedication and hard work, he quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the premier rappers on the drill rap scene and is dedicated to honoring the memory of his late brother by continuing the Notti world through his art.

DD Osama Birthday

DD Osama was born November 29th, 2006, an American rapper who has already seen tremendous success at such a young age. His music is known for its hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics, which often reflect personal experiences; its genres span hip-hop, R&B, and pop. Much of DD’s success can be attributed to social media presence, which connects him with fans.

Recently, rapper Ethan Reyes (more commonly known as Notti Osama) has achieved widespread renown through his phenomenal rapping skills and energetic stage performances. With millions of followers and subscribers across various platforms, he has amassed millions of followers and subscribers for multiple singles, including “Without You” and “Dead Opps.” Ethan has collaborated on many songs with Notti Osama.

He is married to Aniyah, also a popular TikTok personality. They share an undying affection and constantly post photos together on various platforms. Both work hard toward reaching their respective dreams while serving as role models to many others.

Not content to stop at just rapping, the young star also uploads Q&A videos and vlogs on YouTube. His fans love him for his looks and talent; they find him captivating with an adorable personality and breathtaking vocal range that spans multiple genres – making sure he will become an iconic musician soon enough.

DD Osama was born in Harlem, New York, United States, to an extensive family – his mother being the youngest among them all. Although his father remains unknown, he must have been an accomplished businessman as his name was Crimsley Martinez; their mother gave birth to four other siblings: Jeklikin, Jayklickin, Zestar Balla, and Melz (deceased brother Notti Osama, also known as Notti Osama passed away suddenly in July 2022, leaving a huge hole). He now dedicates his life solely to music as it continues its legacy.