Business Magazines in Kerala

Kerala only offers limited English publications, and most people prefer Malayalam-centric magazines and newspapers instead. These can be purchased in local bookstores or newsstands.

Kerala business magazines have long provided updates and advice regarding various aspects of corporate life, with tips on minimizing mistakes when starting businesses.

The Business Enterprise

The Business Enterprise magazine is an established business publication in Kerala with an avid readership comprised of corporate managers and business owners alike. Its editorial content covers recent business-world developments while offering practical advice for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, interviews with prominent business leaders are featured, as well as tips for expanding your company. Published every fortnight in both print and digital forms, The Business Enterprise can be purchased across Kerala.

Publisher of Kerala Magazine also publishes books on business and investment topics, with Top Business Families of Kerala being its best-selling title and providing an engaging read that illuminates some of Kerala’s most successful business families and their journey towards success.

Dhanam magazine also organizes the Dhanam Business Summit and Award Nite, a mega event to recognize Kerala’s leading businesses and their founders. Furthermore, special editions are published showcasing some of Kerala’s most powerful families and eminent businessmen. Dhanam’s positive and proactive outlook has assisted with building companies, creating brands, creating timeless identities for them, and policy decision-making in Kerala – as well as being popular with economists and policymakers due to its broad reach.

Forbes India

Forbes India is a business magazine offering articles, interviews, and news covering the global economy, macro and micro-management, business ideas, start-up guidance, and investment advice, as well as corporate culture and management issues. Available both in English and other Indian languages.

Forbes India magazine is an authoritative source for business news and insights, helping its readers unlock their full potential and achieve success through articles and features covering international business issues and insightful perspectives on current trends and possibilities.

Forbes India 30 Under 30 this year celebrates a group of diverse entrepreneurs. The editors chose them based on three criteria: their impactful work, ability to challenge established norms, and scalability of businesses or lines of work. The magazine can be purchased both in print and online.

This magazine seeks to inspire young Indians through stories of entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, its editorial staff strives to publish high-quality content by employing journalists who write for the publication as well as editorial assistants and sub-editors – thus guaranteeing accurate and current material for readers.

Forbes India recently featured an edition devoted to small-town founders who have built fortunes by disregarding rejection and fear. From PC Musthafa from iD Fresh Food and Wakefit’s Chaitanya Ramalingegowda of Wakefit to Manu Balachandran from Wakefit and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda of Wakefit – several fearless entrepreneurs were profiled. Manu Balachandran takes us through this special edition by discussing some of its features as part of the podcast series.

Forbes India is an award-winning business magazine published by Network 18. Since 2008, this leading media conglomerate has issued a publication that covers various aspects of Indian business life with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. Forbes India boasts an average monthly circulation of more than 50,000 copies.

Outlook Business Magazine

Outlook Business magazine can equip both experienced businesspeople and new entrepreneurs to navigate today’s competitive marketplace successfully. The magazine features articles on finance, marketing, technology, and leadership, as well as interviews with leaders and experts from within the business world. Articles written by professional writers provide practical advice about how to succeed in today’s business world.

Outlook magazine was established in 1995 as India’s foremost current affairs news magazine. Renowned for its investigative journalism and bold reporting, Outlook is often perceived as India’s premier current affairs publication. Recognized for its investigative reporting and fearless reporting on issues that many don’t dare raise openly or discuss directly, Outlook has garnered numerous awards since 1995 and remains a highly regarded publication – especially after founder/editor-in-chief Vinod Mehta died from multi-organ failure on March 25, 2015.

The magazine is tailored towards decision-makers and ensures all influences on business are considered, from economic, political, and regulatory influences to views from industry professionals and a global perspective. The Rajan Raheja Group owns it with three thrust areas – enterprise, strategy, and markets. Enterprise covers startups/growing companies, while strategy delves deeper into mature firms while markets offer new investment opportunities.

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TCM or The CEO Magazine

TCM (The CEO Magazine) is a business magazine that monitors current market events, reporting success stories to its readers. Recognizing the tremendous influence that entrepreneurs can have on India’s future decisions, TCM brings news of businesses, companies, and individuals who are leading by example with inspiring success stories that motivate others. Each issue of TCM conveys credibility and integrity as it serves as an authentically Indian publication focused on innovation and modernization.